Well Hello Person

Livid Lover is the moniker of Minneapolis songwriter Blake Nolan Hanson. Me.

I released a solo album called Beautiful & Intimate Betrayals
early 2010. I received no accredited press responses whatsoever from it despite my attempts to have people review it. I kept writing things I thought were pretty good while confused by overwhelming indifference to my music.

Eventually I went out to semi solitude in the country for 8 months to figure things out, hone my songwriting, playing, and mixing chops and started to see some glimpses of my full potential. I was working hard on some songs one day in early 2012 and started taking inventory and noticed that I had become an artist. This felt good and bad at the same time. So I started realizing the solo act shit wasn't very awesomely rewarding anymore & my writing style was calling for a full rock band to pull it off live.
So I'm pleased to announce that I have started working with Kerry Hanson (formerly bassist of Black Flood Diesel)
and Derek Abrams (Formerly drummer of Skywynd and Black Flood Diesel) and we are calling ourselves 'Halo Minor'. We've started the recording process of a full length record that will be done this year in 2013 & will be like nothing else. Songs 'Be The Lie' & 'Save Some For Me' will be on the upcoming record with Kerry and Derek playing the hell out of them. I'm grateful to be working with these talented fellows and finding our fourth member when the time comes. This is going to be a great year for the music and career of Halo Minor.

Livid Lover's Beautiful & Intimate Betrayals is available for purchase...just hover over the Home icon above and click page 2. Also available there, is the single "Be The Lie". When you buy songs you are doing a good thing instead of stealing and taking art for granted thinking it should be free. It takes an overwhelming amount of time & energy to produce quality music. C'mon think about it, pay 99 cents for a song that moves you in some way time & time again, so cheap. Coffee you're wired for a few hours then you pee it out. A drink when you go out costs 3-8 times what a ridiculously cheap single song costs. And you pee out that beverage sometime as well.  Thank you for stopping by person. It's nice to have people stop by and look and listen & be a person & such. You know, personally a person with a personality & persona. Anybody remember myspace?