Livid Lover is the moniker of Minneapolis songwriter Blake Nolan Hanson. Me.

I released a solo album called Beautiful & Intimate Betrayals early 2010. I received no accredited press responses whatsoever from it despite my attempts to have people review it. This directed me to reinvent myself and hone in on a style formed off my decided niche. Indifference was a gift for me.

 I'm pleased to announce that I have started working with Kerry Hanson (formerly bassist of Black Flood Diesel) and Derek Abrams (Formerly drummer of Skywynd and Black Flood Diesel) and we are calling ourselves 'Halo Minor'. We've started the recording process of sound recordings that will be released in 2014 & will be like nothing else. Songs 'Be The Lie' & 'Save Some For Me' will be on the upcoming record with Kerry and Derek playing the hell out of them. I'm grateful to be working with these talented fellows and finding our fourth and fifth members soon. This is going to be a great year for the music and career of Halo Minor

Todd Fitzgerald and head engineer Josh Levi at Winterland studios have been mixing the Halo Minor songs to our exceeded expectations. Our thanks to them and to Peter Anderson for engineering the drum tracks at Flowers Studios.

Livid Lover's Beautiful & Intimate Betrayals is available for purchase...just hover over the Home icon above and click page 2. Also available there, is the single "Be The Lie".  This is a high quality demo version that I recorded, and mixed in my bedroom by myself.