Livid Lover is the moniker of Minneapolis songwriter Blake Nolan Hanson. 
There will be a second Livid Lover Album out in the next 2-3 weeks (mid to late June 2015). It is titled: "Don't Worry, Ill Always Love You..And Of Course...Mess With Your Head"
 All mixing and mastering is complete.  This record is self produced, performed, and written and recorded  mostly in bedroom and rehearsal spaces. Physical CD's and limited edition vinyl will be pressed. I think this turned out really epic. It kind of sounds like Jeff Buckley joined The Cure for a long, mind altering recording session. 

Mix engineers are:
Josh Levi; mixed- "How Awkward', "Since You Reside In M Mind", "I Know We Know"
James Harley; mixed-"Come Run"
James Mossak; mixed-"Invisible"
Blake Nolan Hanson; mixed-"Learnt Ta Luv", "Come Away" , "Come Back", "Drool When You Sleep",  & 2 more

Josh Levi from Winterland also did most of the mixing for my current rock project Halo Minor's EP which is completely mixed and mastered as well.  That recording title is "Further - Now You're Close"  Halo Minor site is worth visiting www.halominor.com

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The new record is up in it's entirety on soundcloud. That link is just down a bit from this word.